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At Dynamic Defense Inc, Our number one focus is to make reliable and durable products.

We take pride in making our products with
constant innovation and extreme reliability. Therefore, All Dynamic Defense products are backed by our Lifetime Warranty.


This warranty is limited. The following is excluded from coverage and voids the original warranty:

This warranty does not cover failure to provide normal and reasonable maintenance. Which may result in rust or corrosion or deterioration of the firearm or firearm parts.

This warranty does not cover careless handling, misuse, or abuse. This warranty does not cover damage or malfunction due to negligence, misuse or unauthorized repair.

This warranty does not cover any modifications or alterations, including any cosmetic changes performed to the original firearm by the purchaser, an individual, organization, company, entity or gunsmith other than Dynamic Defense Inc.

This warranty does not cover any unreasonable or excessive use of the firearm, including torture testing.

This warranty does not cover barrel obstruction, or any damage caused by the use of inferior or faulty ammunition.

Dynamic Defense Inc, in no event should be responsible for any lost profits, costs of delay resulting from indirect, incidental or consequential damages.  This includes any economic loss, property damage, injury or death caused by negligence, improper handling or accidental discharge of firearm.