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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We will guarantee the function of your Dynamic Defense barrel on Full Auto as long as you are using Full Auto in a controlled manner. We do not consider 100 round mag dumps as “controlled”. If you plan on shooting Full Auto, keep in mind that ANY barrel will get very hot and may get damaged or ​wear prematurely. We also plan on releasing a
line of barrels designed for fully automatic fire.

Yes. If you shoot out the barrel, we will replace it with something of equal or lesser value.

This does not apply to barrels damaged by excessive heat that would be caused by sustained Full Auto fire (ex. 100rd mag dumps). These barrels are not designed to be used like a SAW.

Maybe. All our barrels are designed and tuned to be used with a MilSpec M16 BCG and Carbine Buffer. If you use heavy buffers, the gun will most likely no longer be reliable. If  you use a Lightweight buffer and BCG, you’re ​changing the speed and energy needed for the action to be cycled, which can affect the firearm’s reliability. That being said, If you use a Standard Carbine buffer with an “Enhanced” BCG, it will probably work just fine, as long as the weight of the BCG is the same or very close to MilSpec.

Keep in mind we design all our products to be Extremely reliable, and we designed them With MilSpec BCG’s and Carbine Buffers. There is no need to change out your MilSpec BCG or Carbine weight Buffer unless they are broken or faulty.

With proper match ammo and equipment, you can expect to shoot 1” groups at 100 yards (1 MOA). Some barrels will shoot much better than that.

No. We do not offer custom colors. We will however produce some special colors for specific dealers, distributors or collaborations.

We have had zero issues with factory loaded brass cased ammunition, and properly reloaded ammunition.

Yes and No. We have tested steel cased ammunition in our barrels with great success, but we will not guarantee a barrel that has a damaged chamber due to steel cased ammunition. Steel cased ammo has also been known to create FTE and other failures as the barrel gets hot.

No. We are not responsible for user error that may cause damage to the firearm or cause injury to the user or any bystander. (This actually happened)

Yes. current and former EMT, Fire, Law Enforcement and Military all qualify for our 15%
Le/Mil Discount